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What were your reasons, goals and objectives when starting an internet sex shop for women?

It all started when I decided to buy an erotic toy for the first time. It was quite an awful experience going to an ordinary sexshop – all the pictures of women with artificial boobs pretending to orgasm. It came to me that most of the toys are for women yet they are presented in a very masculine way. Women should not be forced to become a sexual machine, “the hot sex toy for men”. Women should start to think about themselves, what they need, what they like. They should think not just about how to satisfy the man but how to become a sex goddess and learn the possibilities of reaching their satisfaction as well. I created a visual identity of an on-line store and I asked my friend Lucie if she could help me with the web content, web marketing and SEO. She agreed and created our great blog where she writes humoristic and erotic stories. We´ve become a team and created our very own unique and elegant style. Our main philosophy is to show sexuality as something beautiful, natural and essential though not vulgar. Our main goal is to help women find their natural sexuality. We also like bringing humor into it.

For women who have never considered buying a dildo or other kind of toy, what makes it useful? How do you think that women would benefit from having a dildo in a purse or a drawer?

Erotic toys help women discover their body, they may find out what they like and how they like it and also ways how to share their desires and fantasies with their partners and encourage them to fulfill them. They are free to choose not only good lovers if they can satisfy themselves. It is some kind of freedom. Love yourself and get to know how to make yourself to feel great. Women like that do not need to support a selfish lover who comes in three minutes…

If you could design a sex toy, what would it look like? Have you ever thought of designing one?

Design is my passion and I already thought about designing our own sex toys. First of all I would use only 100% natural body material such as silicone. I’m still not sure about plastic, rubber and other materials, it has not been proven yet, but these kinds of materials may contain phthalates and may cause an allergic reaction. Silicone on the other hand is already approved in medicine. As far as design goes I would create two collections – funny and romantic. Though there are already several producers that design beautiful and high-quality sex toys our priority is to form an easy and nice way for women to get these toys. We offer products we think are fulfilling this idea. In the future we plan to design our own toys.

What’s the best seller, the most popular product and why do you think that is?

It changes constantly, one day it is We-Vibe fever another day is Luna fever. We think it is due to the media, if there is some article about particular product published – everybody wants to test it. Also people often order designed toys like Delight. My favorite Lucky Ducky does not sell that well. I hope somebody will write about it – it is the cutest one

Now let’s talk about your business. Do you think that the classy look of your e-shop and the fact that these items can be purchased “anonymously” via internet attracts wider range of women? What is your typical customer like?

The typical customer is a woman that would never think about buying an erotic toy if it was not presented in such natural and nice way, often they do not have any experience and ask us for help and recommendation. Many people want information so we also added reviews written by our customers to help the others make the best choice. Also internet discussions show that women prefer e-shops like ours: decent, design friendly and not vulgar. We are glad that number of men who buy toys for their partners is rising although we do not sell anything for men. It is nice to see that they are not selfish and want to make women happy.

Once I went to Erotic City with a friend who had never been in a sex shop before and she felt quite uncomfortable because of bright red walls surrounded by massive dildos and fake vaginas. The whole atmosphere made her change her mind and leave without buying anything. What do you personally think about these larger sex shop chains and their look, and what makes yours different?

Like we mentioned before this is not our style of presentation. We think that such shops prefer male point of view. Such shops encouraged us to open our own online Sexshop pro Ženy. We want to persuade women not to accept a male view of sexuality. Our difference is in design, natural way, respect and admiration of a woman and pinch of humor in our presentation.

Have you thought of expanding your business to a regular store along your online shop?

We are in this process right now, we though a lot about a regular store. We think that women would feel comfortable to enter a store if it is presented in very beautiful way. That is why we are creating a new brand mark called SVOJE – which means HERSELF in English. The shop will sell all kinds of goods for women, sex toys, lingerie, natural products, fl ower decorations, books etc. The brand SVOJE refers to women that belong to themselves – they do not belong only to men. This kind of presentation celebrates natural, confident and beautiful woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to make decisions.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We are glad that there are more and more women (and also men) who reject such poor presentation of sexuality because it is cliché. We want to offer the best service and e-shop where they can feel comfortable.


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